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My Approach

By embracing a stance of equality, cultivating compassionate support, and utilizing evidence-based approaches, it is my mission to foster interpersonal development, effective communication and relaxation in intimate connections. I am committed to guiding couples toward secure functioning, constructive interpretation and respectful processing for a mutual outcome. Through our collaborative efforts, there is the possibility to transform emotions of pain and separation into feelings of love and


sculpture "Love" by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov;Burning Man 2015, photographer unknown

connection. Instead of operating from the confines of old detrimental patterns, my goal is to guide you towards an experience rooted in trust, courageous vulnerability and personal accountability for relational improvement.  Together, we can create new patterns of being, breaking down obstacles into learning opportunities, defensiveness into healthy communication and harmful rupture into repair.  After all, our relationships are intended to bring lifelong satisfaction.


Specializing in Couples Therapy

Relational Life
Psychobiological Attachment Couples Therapy

Created by Terry Real, RLT strives to assist partners in resolving conflicts, enhancing personal accountability, refining communication, and nurturing intimacy within their relationships.  Clients reclaim innate self-esteem,  heal early wounds, and build relational skills with full respect and  healthy boundaries.  The keys to fierce intimacy are vulnerability, empathy and loving accountability. 

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Created by Stan Tatkin, PACT incorporates the following three areas of study: neuroscience, attachment theory, and the biology of human arousal.  Couples better understand their moment-to-moment shifts in face, body and voice that convey congruent or incongruent messages of connection or disconnection.  The skillful art of secure-functioning values verbal and nonverbal attunement, co-regulation, empathetic listening and loving negotiation.




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Emotional Focused Therapy

Created by Sue Johnson, EFT recognizes and admits that we are emotionally attached and interdependent with one another, much the same way that a child is with a parent for nurturing, safety and protection.  Not only do we care for ourselves, but we are in the care of another.  The goal is on creating and strengthening emotional bonds by identifying and transforming the key moments that foster an adult loving relationship. 




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