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About Me


When you meet me, you will find that I am a genuine allied spirit.  It has always been my true nature to be reflective, curious and inspired by our sacred stories.  From early on, I knew I had an open heart for others and a deep desire to find meaning and healing.  This aspiration for better understanding the human experience can be seen throughout my life, and has become the cornerstone of my personal and professional goals.        

Life is a Winding Path...

When Newton said, "the line of nature is a straight line", William Hogarth said, "the line of nature is a curve".

Life gains value, reward, and meaning in the twists and turns; the mysterious unfolding of unforeseen challenges or unexpected treasures.  My journey is no exception.  I take pride in sharing that my partner and I have journeyed together for more than 25 years. Without investing in our personal growth, our relationship could easily mirror the challenges faced by any other couple. Amidst our own trials and relational tribulations, we've overcome significant hurdles. It's through our dedication and hard work that our love has deepened, surpassing any previous bounds.

This commitment to honing our skills and rediscovering the essence of relationships has not only strengthened our bond but has also profoundly impacted all my connections — from my incredible adult children to friends and the wider community. I can't envision my life unfolding any other way, as it revolves around a deep connection with myself and those I hold dear.


Education and Training:

I have 15 years experience in the healing arts, with the sole purpose to help individuals cultivate meaningful connection with themselves and their life's vision:

  • B.S. Geography, Northern Arizona University  2000

  • Soul Coaching Certification, Soul Coaching Institute  2011 

  • M.A. Somatic Psychology, Naropa University  2016

  • Blended Families: Strategies for Merging Two Households,  Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute  2015

  • Psychobiological Attachment to Couples Therapy (PACT) Level I Certification  2016

  • Psychobiological Attachment to Couples Therapy (PACT) Level II Certification  2017

  • Couples Institute  2017-2018

  • Concentric Sex Therapy workshop  2018 

  • Apprenticeship in Authentic Movement  2015-2020 

  • Externship in Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples  2020

  • Hold Me Tight Enhancement Program  2020

  • Body-Mind Psychotherapy Training w/ Susan Aposhyan  2020-2021

  • Relational Life Therapy Certification 2024   


Soul Whispers III: Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams

“Everyday Magic in a Busy World” p 146-154

2012: Soul Wings Press

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